the basement by murray schisgal  state puppet theatre varna 1993   

staging stancho stanchev   music milko kolarov

a little christmas story by the brothers grimm  state puppet theatre varna 1993   

staging vera stoykova    music milko kolarov

the private ear by peter shafer  drama theatre silistra 1993   

staging stancho stanchev

a miracle by ivan radoev  drama  theatre pazardjik 1995   

staging stancho stanchev 

nora by henrik ibsen   art club sesame varna 1995   

staging stancho stanchev   

two shoes in one story by pierre gripari    theatre tzvete sofia 1998   

staging todor valov   music elena metodieva   one man show of dimitar yalnazov

a crorcodile after f. m. dostoevski    drama theatre shumen 1999   

scenic adaptation and direction stancho stanchev

who’s afraid of virginia woolf by edward albee    drama theatre varna 1997   

staging stancho stanchev   music milko kolarov

yesterday kisses by yuri dachev    drama theatre varna 2000   

staging stancho stanchev

the ugly duckling by h. c. andersen    drama puppet theatre shumen 2002   

staging todor valov   music design elena metodieva

l’ ensegneur ou une ombre au tableau by jean-pierre dopagne   

drama theatre varna 2003   

scenic adaptation and  direction stancho stanchev   music milko kolarov

the snow queen by h. c. Andersen    state puppet theatre varna 2007   

staging vera stoykova   music hristo namliev

christmas magic  by krassimir mashev  state puppet theatre varna 2008   

staging vera stoykova   costumes adriana dobreva   music design svetla vassileva

the happy prince by oscar wilde   state puppet theatre varna 2009

actor’s production of evgenia vassileva, boyan stoyanov and

stoyan stoyanov

CGI animation vassil kateliev     music hristo namliev

costumes adriana dobreva    stage movement velimir velev

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